Addnum Preparatory School

The pre-school forms our foundation phase education solution and caters to learners from 18 months to 5 years in a protected, safe, and stimulating environment. The two campuses serve as a feeder to the Addnum Primary School.

Mokgoro Campus is situated in the township of Birch Acres adjacent to Tembisa, and Suikerbekkie Campus is based in Terenure (behind the Norkem Park Macdonald’s branch). The centres are licensed through the Department of Education as well as the Department of Social Development in Kempton Park.

Our pre-school is committed to strengthening the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of all learners. We also place a great emphasis on preparing learners for the intellectual challenges they will face later in life during their educational journey.

Our ECD programmes differ vastly from traditional syllabuses, in that our programmes focus on developing our learners’ critical thinking abilities, independent problem solving, and self-discovery. Another key difference is that our learners are well mannered, cooperative and take responsibility for their own work. They are keen and excited about coming to school every day to learn new things without being rewarded.

Addnum Primary School

Addnum Academy adheres to the minimum Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) approved by UMALUSI in order to provide education as an independent school. In addition to CAPS, Addnum integrates 21st-century teaching and learning practices across all areas. Learners are encouraged to explore, experiment, collect data and report findings through project-based learning.

When learners enter their third grade, they are also given the exciting opportunity of getting STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, which is integrated into our legacy education systems.

During their third grade, learners will also begin to use smart education to interact with both real and digital world objects using mobile, wireless communication and sensing technologies. These technological tools include instructional multimedia, tablet and software programs, interactive projectors, LEGO Education, DVD access, and more.

Building a solid STEM foundation through a well-rounded curriculum is the best way to ensure that learners are exposed to maths, science, engineering and technology throughout their educational career. The skills they learn from third grade and onward will be useful for learners to thrive in an ever-changing global community, as well as prepare them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is already shaping the way we live.

Addnum Extra-mural Activities

At Addnum Academy, we believe that extra-mural activities form an integral part in the holistic development of each individual child. They are a great way for learners to make friends, learn about teamwork, get much-needed exercise and develop problem-solving abilities. Studies have shown that the above-mentioned is vital to a child’s development and a lack of participation in extra-mural activities inhibits the acquisition of social skills, as well as physical and psychological development.

Each child is encouraged to take part in the following activities offered at Addnum Academy: Drama, Choir, Chess, Swimming, Karate, Ballet, Soccer and Netball.

In addition to these exciting activities, learners are also encouraged to take part in the various quizzes, expos and Eisteddfods hosted by various organisations throughout the school year.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology play vital roles in modern society, as it enables learners to interact with the digital world through mobile, wireless communication, and sensing technologies. One of the key computational skills that we teach learners at Addnum Academy is coding. Coding helps children to acquire problem-solving skills, creativity and ultimately enhances career opportunities.

Addnum Innovation and Technology child 2

Art and Drama

Art and drama are incorporated into our curriculum from Grade R. Drama classes promote learner social skills, as each learner takes part in dramatisation, dance, poetry recital, dialogue, monologue, and group choral. Our dynamic drama, art and music teacher, Mrs Kotze, facilitates this in a way that ensures learners enjoy performing and do so with confidence in front of an audience. Eisteddfod is among the platforms where their performance and proficiency will be judged by external adjudicators.


Chess is taught once a week on Tuesdays from 13:00 to 14:30 to learners from Grade R and above. Chess reinforces mathematic concepts, strategic thinking, planning and also promotes logic. The mere decision to capture a piece in exchange for another requires calculation of relative point value. Moving pieces around a chess board requires spatial reasoning and reinforces coordination skills.

Netball, Soccer and Athletics

All learners are encouraged to take part in netball, soccer and athletic activities to assess their level of fitness and passion for sport. Learners who meet minimum requirements are selected to represent Addnum Academy against neighbouring schools.


At Addnum Academy, we support combating the high mortality rate due to drowning in our country. To that end, we offer an enclosed heated swimming pool facility that is child friendly. Lessons continue even during bad weather and, every week, learners from both pre-primary and primary phases are provided the opportunity to learn how to swim under the watchful eye of staff.

We have an open day towards the end of swimming season when parents are welcome to visit and watch a lesson in progress.


Karate is offered by our Karate Club instructor, Mr Paul, for all interested learners on Wednesday afternoons from 13:00 to 14:00.

Karate Club runs throughout the year, from January to November.